On the rocks

"On the rocks"

International Multihull Show 2023 - April 12 to 16, 2023



at the end of the end,
over there
far away
or close

far away, very very far.
very close, so close

the hole

let's sneak in!
commencement or end
the hole

black and hot
vice versa.

at the end of the end,
over there

far, far, far away.
very close, so close

vice versa.


Nicolas Claris - Romain Claris
August 2022

From an ordinary material, ice, we propose a voyage through space and time where photo and video are not only symbiotic but complementary, the almost hypnotic movement of the film echoing the harmony and strength of the photographs.
Ice is made of water. In the sea, there is a lot of water... but less and less ice.
Discover unusual images in a different way. What seems so banal to us at first sight, within reach, so close.
Unless it is so far…

On the rocks :

- Galerie Art’Gentiers gallery, Bordeaux, January 20 - March 11, 2023
- International Multihull Yacht Show, La Grande Motte, April 12 - 16, 2023
- A. Galerie,, selection of three large prints, BAD+ Art Fair, Bordeaux, May 4 - 7, 2023

The teaser of the video

• Official selection at the "FilmArte" Festival in the category "Experimental - Art House" May 6 in Madrid, Spain.
• Official selection at the "FilmArte" Festival in the category "Experimental - Art House" May 11 in Berlin, Germany.
• Official selection at the Festival "Make Art Not Fear" in the « Best poetry short » category in Porto, Portugal.
• Best experimental Art Film award at the « Pure Magic International Film Festival » in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
• Special Mention - Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival - October 2022
• Official selection at the Rome Prisma Film Awards in the "best experimental film" category

About the soundtrack: Sound has been designed by Andrew Santaguida, Matt Russo, and Dan Tamayo. They translate the rhythm and harmony of the cosmos into music and sound. Since 2020 they have been producing regular sonifications for the NASA.

Black hole: A film to wear...
A flash drive (edited in only 5 copies) attached to a limited edition ‘‘keyring necklace’’ created by Maitre d’art Gilles Jonemann, celebrated sculptor and jewelry designer.

Order one of the five unique Flash drives

The photographs

Art prints all sizes from 50x70 cm made by the professional lab Lebolabo in Bordeaux. Signed prints, limited edition of 5 copies.
Select and order a print

The authors

Nicolas Claris


Co-fondateur de Claris Image Builder - Photographe

"It takes a lot of marine knowledge to reveal a yacht's best sides
It takes a lot of technical background to master numerical recent art
It takes a lot of humility to serve its subjects instead of using them
It takes a lot of energy to load up new challenges every year
It takes a lot of academicism to know how to break the rules
It takes a lot of respect to stay away from easiness
It takes a lot of love to create generous pictures
It needs a lot of open mindedness to be a great Artist

It did not take many years for Nicolas Claris to become one of the greatest Photographer, although since 2000, thanks to all the above "lots of", he made his own path and keeps astonishing us, through his unique vision on parts of the surrounding world that he frames for our pleasure. Sometimes impeccably disruptive, some other times happily classic, always tenderly devoted.

Eclecticism is not an art in itself, but it gives Nicolas a freedom of tone, a creative force that allows him today to approach all subjects with this mixture of competence and respect that make us look at his work with a joyful pleasure, far from any seriousness, ready for all surprises. This is the talent of Nicolas Claris, who has gone from being a photographer by necessity to a significant contemporary artist."

Bruno Belmont - Groupe Bénéteau

In 2008, Sinar entrusted him with an HY6 for a year of intensive tests in conditions that were out of the ordinary for such equipment. Becoming addicted to medium format (large sensors), Nicolas Claris becomes one of the very few Pentax Ambassadors from 2012 to 2021. In 2021 he acquires a new equipment which gives him access to the latest technological advances (still in medium format but with a sensor of 102 million pixels, with amazing colors and image quality).

All the exhibitions
Photographic researches


Romain Claris


Claris Image Builder - Video Director

«If a wide angle shot is what we can all do - more or less, we who have taken too many pictures at every turn and confused wide angle with an overall view - detail is what is lacking for our image-drowned eye with which we look at the world.
Then, only then the fold of fabric in a sewing machine, the stroke of a brush on a white page, the drops of rain on a train window, a pier by the sea, the hand of a sculptor, a pebble becoming a jewel, the flexible foot of a dancer, the look of a Bangladeshi fisherman, jute fibre becoming a boat, all these things, women, men filmed by Romain Claris, move us because they allow us to see, starting with the detail, a wider, richer world, more complex than we thought, so that, freeing our eye with his, we may be able to see better yet...»

Jacques Dubuisson - Screenplay writer, Director.

Since 2000, Romain Claris has been directing short films, selected and awarded by a hundred international film festivals.
He graduated from the Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français in 2005.
He then became head of the video department of the advertising agency Claris Image Builder and produced more than 500 films since 2006.
In 2020, he co-founded and directed the Bordeaux Shorts Biennale The second edition took place October 21 2022 at Cinema Utopia Bordeaux. 24 short films from 14 countries were screened.

His last three short films made in 2022 are currently in the festival circuit:
"La danse" won the Best Art Film Award at the Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival.
"White Bear in Hippo Land" was awarded Best Animation Film at the Roma Short Film Festival.
"Black hole"is a short art film made for made "On the rocks" the upcoming Nicolas Claris & Romain Claris photography and video exhibition.
He give classes several times as a professor in the context of educational film projects, in 2013 at the Lycée de Pauillac. In 2019 and again in 2022 at the Lycée Victor Louis in Talence.
In development: "Les comptes de la lune", the 15-minute creative documentary offers another history of the invention of numbers and calculation.
He also signed several photography and video exhibitions with the photographer Nicolas Claris, including "Bangladesh" in 2013, "Rouge"" in 2017, "Noirs" in 2018, "Un peu de rouge, pourtant" in 2020. Their last exhibition "Un ciel dans une fleur sauvage" has been showcased by the contemporay art Galerie Les Art'Gentiers from Friday January 20th to Saturday March 11th 2023.


Our sponsors

Without the active support of our sponsors this exhibition would not have been possible...
Many thanks to them!


14 years !

m2 Organisationis the organizer of the International Multihull Boat Show, which will celebrate its 14th anniversary this year. The port of La Grande Motte receives each year, in April, the biggest exhibition of multihulls. An exhibiting village adjacent to the port welcomes the entire industry and its equipment manufacturers, chandlers, hirers, sailmakers, carriers, insurance and banks, etc.

• More than 15,000 visitors in 2022, 69% of whom came with a purchase project
• An international clientele with 56% foreigners:
- 20% North America
- 10% Germany,
- 10% Spain,
- 5% Italy,
- 11% rest of the world (Russia, Eastern Europe, Asia)
• A true diversity with over 60 multihulls on display

M2 Organisation
45, Quai Emile Cormerais
44800 Saint-Herblain
+33 2 40 43 46 34

Logo AGL

First shipyard partner in Europe for yachts paints.

Since 1993, AGL S.A. has been serving marine professionals. Participating in the construction, the renovation, the painting, the maintenance of all types of boats, AGL is today a specialist in boat paints, with Awlgrip as the main reference.

“The Claris family has always been very close to ours, they know at each time to invent and create in arts, admittedly already existing, but thanks to them we discover that they can be improved.
This quality of work is only the prerogative of great persons.”

Pauline Lachkar, Gerard Lachkar, Richard Gibeaud
4 avenue du Centre
06150 Cannes la Bocca
Email: aglmarine@agl-marine.com

Logo Excess

Excess is a young, dynamic and lively brand:

The ideal companion for experiencing the thrill of sailing and creating amazing memories at sea! We build catamarans that have a sleek, modern style and ingenious design. We call all lovers of excitement and rare emotions; those who dare to seek adventure, to share in and enjoy the sea.
Our challenge: to rewrite the standards for catamarans and to create a boat that is smooth and simple, with a design that balances comfort and the sensations of sailing. At Excess, we have the heart to seek sensations!
"Nicolas and Romain take us on a journey around the ice, and we gladly climb aboard! Through this project, they highlight the beauty of an unfamiliar and fragile world. The thrills are there, the strong sensations too."

Thibaut de Montvalon
Excess catamarans

162 quai de Brazza
33100 Bordeaux
Email:  contact@excess-catamarans.com

Logo Lagoon

Chacun de nous a un endroit magique et lointain qu’il rêve de visiter.

Chez Lagoon, tous partagent cette soif de grand large, ce désir d’explorer les côtes sauvages ou de fouler une plage secrète de sable fin au terme d’un long voyage. Pour Lagoon, leader mondial des catamarans de croisière, rien n’est plus essentiel que d’offrir ce long voyage à ses propriétaires jusqu’à leur destination de rêves en tout confort et en toute sécurité. Avec un réseau de concessionnaires et de services à l’international, des solutions éco-responsables et une communauté de propriétaires très étendue, les catamarans haut de gamme Lagoon sont parfaitement adaptés pour rallier ces lointaines destination de rêve.

"Through their artist's eye, Nicolas and Romain have sublimated ice, such an important and inaccessible natural element. Symbol of life and renewal, it appears majestic, attractive, hypnotic. A bewitching project, which makes me travel in a new universe, far from my turquoise lagoons..."

Thomas Gailly

162 quai de Brazza
33100 Bordeaux
Email:  info@cata-lagoon.com

Logo Harken


Harken, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative sailboat hardware and accessories. Headquartered in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, Harken manufactures in the USA and Italy. 
Its network includes distribution in 48 countries, with group offices located in Australia, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States (Rhode Island, California, and Florida). Looking toward the future, Harken has built new, efficient facilities and has taken ownership and responsibility of manufacturing by bringing it in-house. 
Sophisticated machinery, highly trained technicians, the innovative ideas of engineers, and enhanced work-flow models open unlimited possibilities for growth.

Pierre Massé
Harken France

ZA Port des Minimes BP 3064 
17032 La Rochelle, France
Tel: (33) 05 46 44 51 20

Lafourcade Yacht Broker


The experience and world wide network developed by Olivier Lafourcade over the last 40 years as a yacht owner/captain and then as a yacht builder is a huge advantage, instilling a sense of confidence that he will find a buyer or the boat of your dreams as quickly as possible.
In 2019, after 31 years as head of CNB, with about 60 “custom” yachts and 100 “semi-custom” yachts built, he decided to hand over the reins to the younger generation and begin this new and exciting adventure. By offering his experience and knowledge of yachting to owners or future owners of sailing yachts and motor yachts from 18 to 40 meters, thus was born LAFOURCADE YACHT BROKER.

"I have worked with Claris Image Builder for more than 20 years. I really appreciate the way they work and their great knowledge of the « boat ».
Helping to expose the research work of Nicolas Claris and Romain Claris to the public in order to expand the field of visual communication in the world of sailing is an important motivation for me. Supporting art because it is open-minded, seems indispensable to me.

Olivier Lafourcade

5 rue Garat
33000 bordeaux 
Tél : 33 6 80 59 38 73

Logo Nanni


Nanni loves the blue!
Nanni is an international leader on the market of marine diesel engines with a product range between 10 and 1900 hp, and for power generator sets from 6 kW up to 500 kW. Moreover, Nanni is one of the top three brands for marine inboard diesel engines in the world. With its new complete and exclusive range of marine engines, Nanni is the only company able to supply such varied propulsion solutions thanks to its unique marinization system NANNI COMPACT COOLING®.
Nanni is powered by an avant-garde spirit relying upon a centennial expertise in marine propulsion, power generation and power management.
At our production site located in La Teste de Buch (France), Nanni works close to its customers to develop custom engines and to allow them a serene, comfortable and privileged navigation.

"Encouraging the work of living artists allows us to participate in the emergence of new artistic projects which the state does not support. Associating one's image with an innovative and daring event, sharing common values: risk-taking, innovation, progress, and sharing, while offering a unique experience to one's employees and clients.
Values that Nanni cultivates by becoming a partner of this exhibition by Romain and Nicolas Claris."

Amalia Festa
Nanni Industries SAS
11 avenue de l'Abbé Edme Mariotte
33260 La Teste de Buch



With 50 years of experience, more than 40,000 pieces of equipment sailing around the world, POCHON SA offers its professional and private customers unique know-how in the field of marine electronic navigation and communication.
POCHON agencies in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Caribbean with technical and commercial services will guide your choice among the leading brands of electronics and marine electricity, depending on the size of your boat and your navigation program. The commitment of our teams: Ensure an adapted, effective, reliable answer according to your project.

"Because art is important in our society, it feeds on creativity, research, imagination, because it is anything but fixed, we invite you to visit the exhibition "NOIRS", and to let you transport elsewhere, gently, taking advantage of the incredible and surprising riches of the NOIRS."

Julien Pochon

Avenue Michel Crépeau
17000 La Rochelle
Tél : 05 46 41 30 53

Logo Franck Darnet


Darnet Design conceives the interior and exterior design of superyachts and production boats. From the preliminary concept to the final realization, our team follows you throughout the design and realization phase of your boat.
The agency, directed by Franck Darnet and based in Nantes, is composed of talented designers and interior architects who combine their artistic and technical skills with a passion for the sea.

The art of space: we design interiors that are pleasant to live in, bright, giving a feeling of space and pleasure. The interior volumes are cleared to obtain a maximum of visual space. A few centimeters, a curve or a hollow joint on a piece of furniture can change the perception of a volume.
Our agency adapts to the desires of its customers, some dreaming of a classic interior, others of a contemporary atmosphere. This diversity is for us a richness. In both cases, the conceptual approach and the attention to detail remain the same.

Franck Darnet
Darnet Design
37, quai de Versailles
4000 Nantes - France
Tél. : +33 2 40 08 06 37

Logo Berret-Racoupeau

Designing a boat is an art…

a subtle blend of creation and mastery, audacity and rigour. The success of our yachts stems from the privileged relationship we maintain with our clients.
Naval architecture: Our mission as naval architects respects the three fundamental axes governing yacht design:
- Performance and respect of balance
- Overall harmony and ergonomics
- Structure and resistance of mechanical demands
Exterior design: The designer is involved from the beginning of the project, combining the architect’s structural work with beautiful lines to bring harmony and cohesion to the design, in accordance with the technical confines of the boat.
Interior design: “First imagine and then create the story you want to live on board your future boat…”
It’s all about first listening to and understanding your wishes, as you embark on fulfilling your dreams.
Then, we transform the fantasy into reality by creating a space, combining materials and styles, and maximising every space.

Isabelle Racoupeau - Olivier Racoupeau
Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design

3 bis, avenue des Amériques
17000 La Rochelle
Tel +33 (0)5 46 45 79 79

Logo Multitech

We offer a complete, “one stop shop” for your yacht.

Multitech Mediterranée is a service provider for yachts from 15m to 25m, in the Mediterranean area. A large number of professionals in the yachting industry, as well as owners, have already placed their trust in MT Med team, whether for the sale of spare parts, annual or routine maintenance, and the installation of new equipment (diving compressors, air conditioners, navigation electronics, communication systems, etc.) but also for troubleshooting on-board systems, routine or more complex. We collaborate directly with the largest builders, who place their trust in MT Med for all types of work.

Multitech Mediterranée is located within IMS 700 boat yard site in St Mandrier (Var). This location is able to accommodate all types of vessels up to 10 meters wide, with a lifting capacity up to 700 tons.

With its network of carefully selected subcontractors, Multitech Mediterranée is able to handle any type of work in all trades. We partner with the most active local actors, bringing in the best specialists in all fields.

Thanks to its expertise, Multitech Mediterranée also offers boat owners and future owners the following services:
· Support during a boat search and during the purchase
· Site monitoring
· Reception / Quality Control
· Getting Started / Commissioning
· Technical support on disputes/expertise
· Technical and administrative compliance of boats for NUC and MCA legislation

Laurent Buisson
Multitech Marine




In 1983, after studying at Southampton Solent University, Vincent Lauriot-Prevost and Marc Van Peteghem joined forces to establish the naval architecture firm VPLP Design.
Initially the pair specialized in multihull vessels and their designs enjoyed immediate success. Since then their boats have held most of the records and race titles, including the America’s Cup in 2010.
The firm also developed yachts such as Douce France and Hemisphere, the two largest cruising sailing catamarans ever built.
VPLP Design works regularly with Lagoon, a brand of the Beneteau Group. More than 4,000 cruising catamarans designed by the firm have been produced since 1986.
One of the VPLP’s most recent innovations involves the development of the reefable automatic wingsail Oceanwings (patented), a veritable “wind drive” for reducing the fuel consumption of freighters and cruising boats.
Today, VPLP Design’s international reputation derives from the many racing boats, cruisers and working vessels designed by its young team of naval architects based in France.

"To look, to see. The photographer becomes our own magician when he rises our eyes to the higher level of an image. Videographer leads us the same way. Nicolas & Romain Claris seek beauty in moments, lights, shapes. Whether sculptor or painters, they offer full emotion since they lead us beyond reality, through raw emotion, in which I feel so much part of.
Our friendship is no fortuity: it comes from our common empathy, our desire for a world with more balance, more freedom, more creativity. Through our own works or within our personal ideals, we continuously share a simple vision of what life could be.

Marc Van Peteghem
VPLP Design Paris

2, rue d'Hauteville
75010 Paris
+33 1 42 77 24 00



Yacht Solutions offers its expertise in yacht equipment above and below deck to new CNB and Lagoon owners. Our know-how covers all the supplies needed for a comfortable life on board: safety equipment, tools, custom-made sheets, dishes, water sports. We also realise specific installations, based on our experience and those of the owners who preceded you. Our team of experts welcomes you in our showroom, located in the immediate vicinity of the shipyard. Once your selection is made, we fulfil your order and install everything on board so that your boat is ready to leave the day of delivery. We take care of export formalities and provide a worldwide guarantee, so that you get the most out of your new boat.

"The partnership between Claris Image Builder and Yacht Solutions dates back to the creation of our company. Visual is a critical element in the promotion of our services. It seemed natural for us to choose Nicolas and Romain Claris for the production of images that convey the know-how and services offered by Yacht Solutions . They advised us, accompanied us in complex projects, with a lot of attention and kindness. They have become trusted and essential partners. Through our participation in the exhibition, it is not only the great professionals that we acknowledge, but also the artists, who knew how to magnify all the colors of ice."

Marc Renwick
Yacht Solutions

179 quai de brazza
33100 bordeaux
+33 5 56 23 91 32

Logo Lebolabo

Nicolas has chosen to work with Lebolabo

for the production of his exhibitions and limited edition prints. Unique in Bordeaux, Lebolabo offers a wide range of quality large format printing solutions: fine art exhibition prints, black & white charcoal printing (Piezography), reproduction of works of art, creation of numbered books in limited editions, plan printing and direct printing with UV inks.
The lab also carries out the finishing for you: Framing, laminating, varnishing, plastification or plexiglass. We accompany you for the digitalization, the retouching and the chromy of your images.

"Nicolas is very demanding and produces high quality images. With a long experience in printing, he has chosen different printing supports to guarantee the best possible quality whatever the format and the type of framing. We are proud to perpetuate this collaboration by responding to his requirements and his desire to always evolve and test new print renderings."

Maud Batellier - David Helman
23, rue des retaillons

Logo SEAtizens

Special guest

"We spend a large part of our professional life on the seas, we see every time we sail that seas need to be protected. The photographs and the film of our exhibition are made with ice, ice is made of water.
In the sea, there is a lot of water... and less and less ice."

Nicolas Claris - Romain Claris

SEAtizens.org is a volunteer media that provides articles that will allow readers to observe and reflect on ocean related subjects, share a look at the social, environmental and solidarity practices and highlight the present actors that have a positive impact in the field.
For the people of the sea, a common effort to protect nature is more than obvious: it’s in our DNA, it is our responsibility. Sea lovers, boaters, professional sailors, fishermen, windsurfers, ocean racers... the list would be too long, but they all form a community driven by a sense of belonging beyond borders and practices. This community is the Citizens of the Sea, the SEAtizens.
This community is the Citizens of the Sea, the SEAtizens.

Jean-Christophe Guillaumin
Editor in chief

The press partners

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emails : claris@claris.fr nicolas@nicolas-claris.com
Tel : + 33 6 85 32 86 51+ 33 6 70 79 57 36

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