On the rocks

On the rocks

An exhibition of photographs and video by Nicolas Claris and Romain Claris



at the end of the end,
over there
far away
or close

far away, very very far.
very close, so close

the hole

let's sneak in!
commencement or end
the hole

black and hot
vice versa.

at the end of the end,
over there

far, far, far away.
very close, so close

vice versa.


Nicolas Claris - Romain Claris
August 2022

From an ordinary material, ice, we propose a voyage through space and time where photo and video are not only symbiotic but complementary, the almost hypnotic movement of the film echoing the harmony and strength of the photographs.
Ice is made of water. In the sea, there is a lot of water... but less and less ice.
Discover unusual images in a different way. What seems so banal to us at first sight, within reach, so close.
Unless it is so far…

On the rocks :

- Galerie Art’Gentiers gallery, Bordeaux, January 20 - March 11, 2023
- International Multihull Yacht Show, La Grande Motte, April 12 - 16, 2023
- A. Galerie, selection of three large prints, BAD+ Art Fair, Bordeaux, May 4 - 7, 2023

The film

  • Official selection at the "FilmArte" Festival in the category "Experimental - Art House" May 6 in Madrid, Spain.
  • Official selection at the "FilmArte" Festival in the category "Experimental - Art House" May 11 in Berlin, Germany.
  • Official selection at the Festival "Make Art Not Fear" in the "Best poetry short" category in Porto, Portugal.
  • Best experimental Art Film award at the "Pure Magic International Film Festival" in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Special Mention - Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival - October 2022
  • Official selection at the Rome Prisma Film Awards in the "best experimental film" category

About the soundtrack: Sound has been designed by Andrew Santaguida, Matt Russo, and Dan Tamayo. They translate the rhythm and harmony of the cosmos into music and sound. Since 2020 they have been producing regular sonifications for the NASA.

Black hole: A film to wear...
A flash drive (edited in only 5 copies) attached to a limited edition ‘‘keyring necklace’’ created by Maitre d’art Gilles Jonemann, celebrated sculptor and jewelry designer.

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The photographs

Art prints all sizes from 50x70 cm made by the professional lab Lebolabo in Bordeaux. Signed prints, limited edition of 5 copies.
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The authors

Nicolas Claris


Co-founder in 1993 of Claris Image Builder - Photographer

"It takes a lot of maritime knowledge to give each boat its most beautiful aspects.
It takes a lot of technical knowledge to master the recent art of digital.
It takes a lot of humility to serve your subjects, not use them.
It takes a lot of energy to take on new challenges every year.
It takes a lot of academicism to know how to break codes.
It takes a lot of respect to avoid the easy way out.
It takes a lot of love to make generous images.
It takes a lot of open-mindedness to be a great artist.

It didn't take many years for Nicolas Claris to become one of the world's leading photographers, but since 2000, he has built on the strength of all these "lot of" achievements and continues to astonish us each year with his singular vision of the world around us, impeccably disruptive at times, joyously classic at others, and tenderly devoted, always.

Eclecticism is not an art in itself, but it gives Nicolas a freedom of tone, a creative force that enables him today to tackle any subject with that mix of skill and respect that makes us look at his work with a joyful pleasure, far from any seriousness, ready for any surprise.
This is the talent of Nicolas Claris, who has moved from being a photographer by necessity to becoming a contemporary artist who cannot be ignored".

Bruno Belmont

In 2008, Sinar entrusted him with an HY6 for a year of intensive testing under conditions that were out of the ordinary for such equipment. Now addicted to medium format (large sensors), Nicolas Claris became one of Pentax's rare ambassadors from 2012 to 2021.
In 2022, he switched to even more technologically advanced Fujifilm equipment (still in medium format, but with a 102-megapixel sensor for exceptional color and image quality).

Full biography

Romain Claris


Claris Image Builder - Video Director

«If a wide angle shot is what we can all do - more or less, we who have taken too many pictures at every turn and confused wide angle with an overall view - detail is what is lacking for our image-drowned eye with which we look at the world.
Then, only then the fold of fabric in a sewing machine, the stroke of a brush on a white page, the drops of rain on a train window, a pier by the sea, the hand of a sculptor, a pebble becoming a jewel, the flexible foot of a dancer, the look of a Bangladeshi fisherman, jute fibre becoming a boat, all these things, women, men filmed by Romain Claris, move us because they allow us to see, starting with the detail, a wider, richer world, more complex than we thought, so that, freeing our eye with his, we may be able to see better yet...»

Jacques Dubuisson - Screenplay writer, Director.

Romain Claris has been creating short films since 2000, which have been selected and awarded at more than a hundred international film festivals.

Graduated of the Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français in Paris in 2005, he went on to establish the video department at the advertising and communication agency Claris Image Builder, being responsible for the production and direction of 500 films.
In 2020, he co-founded and became the director of the Bordeaux Shorts Biennale. The third edition of the Bordeaux Shorts Biennale is scheduled for October 2024.
He collaborates with photographer Nicolas Claris on several exhibitions of photographs and videos, including Bangladesh in 2013, Rouge in 2017, Noirs in 2018, Un peu de rouge, pourtant in 2020, and On the rocks in 2023.
Romain Claris has been involved in various cinema educational projects, including sessions at the Lycée de Pauillac in 2013, and at the Lycée Victor Louis de Talence in 2019 and 2022.
Currently in preparation for 2026 is the creative documentary Les comptes de la lune, offering an alternative history of the invention of numbers and calculation.

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